still remember
how we danced in the rain


you know when you say something 

and it’s just 

why the fuck did i say that

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"My level of awkwardness makes everybody else feel normal."

Taylor Swift at Grammy Awards through the years 2012-2013-2014

Taylor Swift performing All Too Well at the Grammy’s

All Too Well performed by Taylor Swift at the 56th Grammy Awards

Still Falling
Hunter Hayes (6,641)


Hunter’s new song Still Falling

L E T ’ S  B E  C R A Z Y  T O U R
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Now you mail back my things and I walk home alone

My experiences in love have taught me difficult lessons, especially my experiences with crazy love. The red relationships. The ones that went from zero to a hundred miles per hour and then hit a wall and exploded. And it was awful. And ridiculous. And desperate. And thrilling. And when the dust settled, it was something I’d never take back. Because there is something to be said for being young and needing someone so badly, you jump in head first without looking. And there’s something to be learned from waiting all day for a train that’s never coming. And there’s something to be proud of about moving on and realizing that real love shines golden like starlight, and doesn’t fade or spontaneously combust. Maybe I’ll write a whole album about that kind of love if I ever find it. But this album is about the other kids of love that I’ve recently fallen in and out of. Love that was treacherous, sad, beautiful, and tragic. But most of all, this record is about love that was red.